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Rebuild the Temple, Part 2: What Should We Be Eating?

As humans, we know that we have to deal with a certain amount of stress—it’s just unavoidable. However, how your body adapts to that stress determines how you maintain your health.

If you know your body will be dealing with a certain level of emotional or physical stressors, how can you combat it? By choosing to fuel your body by inflammation fighting, whole foods designed to help you function at your best.

Think of it this way—when we eat badly, we’re giving our body additional stress. If you could remove some of that unnecessary stress, wouldn’t you want to? By properly fueling our body and exercising regularly, you can do exactly that.

The Paleo Diet

At Family First Chiropractic Wellness Center, we believe that there’s one diet that’s most beneficial than any fad diet that might come your way. The Paleo diet, sometimes referred to as “the caveman diet”, consists of eating how our ancestors have eaten for thousands of years.

This means eating real, raw, organic fruits and vegetables picked fresh as well as grass-fed meat. Healthy fats can come from fish like salmon and nuts. Your carbs should come from fruits and vegetables instead of breads or grains.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Paleo diet, we recommend checking out “The Paleo Solution”—a helpful podcast that dives deeper into different variations of the diet so you can try the one that works best for you.

For more information on nutrition and how it works hand in hand to lower stress in your body, ask us at your next appointment. We also invite you to stay tuned next week, so you can check out our next video in the series: Rebuild the Temple, Part 3: It’s Time to Get Moving!

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