Start Building A Healthier You: Part 1 in Dubuque

Start Building A Healthier You: Part 1 in Dubuque

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve made resolutions to improve your health in some capacity. Maybe you’d like to shed pounds, eat better or hit the gym more often.

How We Focus on Health Goals in Dubuque

We need to pay attention to our lives to see what’s working for us and against us. You need to give your body what is required to be healthy. We focus on three actions: eat well, move well, and think well. It’s vital that we give our body what’s required to be healthy and at the same time come up with strategies and behaviors that eliminate or reduce the stress burden on our body. Dr. Jack discusses the two different ways that people focus on health goals:

  1. Symptom-focused: When we follow this strategy, we get mediocre results. Symptoms let us know that we’re not handling life as well as we should be.
  2. Health-focused: With this approach, we identify the behaviors that are necessary to make our body healthy. Then we set goals and focus within that realm. Our health goals are belief-based goals.

Are You Overloading Your Body’s Circuit?

We also talk about how when stress overwhelms your body it’s like you’re overloading a circuit. For example, that would occur by plugging all of your household appliances into one circuit. If you do that you’re going to blow a fuse.

Our brain is constantly perceiving our environment—both internally and externally. We need to process a lot of information and allow your body to respond in that environment appropriately. If there’s any disturbance in the way the brain is perceiving information, then problems can arise. That’s where chiropractic plays an important role.

Ensure Your Body Is Processing Well

To make sure your body is functioning at its peak, we encourage to you book an appointment with Dr. Jack or Dr. Jen. They can check your spine and nervous system to make sure things are moving properly. A chiropractic evaluation also can measure the stress in your life.

In our modern world, it seems like we’re awash in stress. For example, if you crawl out of bed and your spine is misaligned, and you feel stiff your brain is already perceiving stress. Chiropractic can reduce stress and help you enjoy better overall health.

Identify Your Current Reality

Dr. Jack also discusses identifying your current reality. What challenges are you facing and what improvements are you seeing? What kind of momentum do you want to keep building? You want to have positive goals and not be focused on symptom goals.

Make a Triangle

One of the actions Dr. Jack talks about is making a triangle. In one corner write Beliefs, in another write Behaviors and the last write Results. You want to determine whether the actions you’re taking are based on truth or something you thought was true.

He gives the example of a child who is struggling with recurrent ear infections and immune issues as a result of those ear infections. The behavior that we often see is parents get their kids on recurring antibiotics every time their child gets an ear infection.

They can track that back to the beliefs that are creating that thought process. That thought process is that ear infections are caused by a bacterial infection. Unless however, the practitioner is swabbing the child’s ears and testing for that they have no idea what’s causing that ear infection. So if the triangle were an actual reality what we would find is the result would be different. Find out how pediatric chiropractic could help your child.

If you have any questions about what Dr. Jack shared in this video, please contact our practice. We also invite you to stay tuned next week, so you can check out our next video in the series: Rebuild the Temple, Part 2: What Should We Be Eating?

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