Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have some sensory & behavioral issues -Autism- & I also have some learning disabilities. School and sitting still can be very hard for me. Sometimes it's difficult for my body to move the way I want it to. I've been getting adjusted at FFCWC since before Christmas. I haven't been sick all winter! It's becoming easier for me to control my body (like writing)!"

- M.

"I had trouble sleeping and had some terrible acid reflux. My parents tried different feeding times, formulas, & medications. After just a few visits with Dr. Jenny, I began sleeping full nights and my acid reflux started to resolve! I couldn't be happier with my experience & my parents are happy to get a full night's sleep!"

- Baryn's Parents

"I was adjusted throughout my pregnancy & never really experienced a headache. It also helped with keeping my body moving to take care of my 3 other children. It helped my stress levels and to keep my blood pressure in check. Delivery was as effortless as it could be & took minimal pushes and my son was here. It is also helping in my postpartum recovery. I do not know what I would have done without the FFCWC crew! I have experienced birth without chiro care & I'd never do that again!"

- Nicolle

"My son at a year old was having trouble walking & couldn't sleep at night very well. He came & Dr. Jenny adjusted him and it was a complete 360! He now sleeps 12 hours a night & is able to walk & run great!"

- Ray's Mom

"Before coming to FFCWC I was always in pain, tired & unmotivated. I wasn't sleeping well because of the pain my back & hips were in. Dr. Jenny has completely changed my life. I no longer experience the chronic pain from accidents that happened several years ago. I hae energy to play with my son again. I'm motivated to start running again. I wouldn't be living my life to the fullest if I hadn't found the team here at FFCWC."

- Jordan

"My mom and dad brought me to FFCWC to help with my hyperactivity, anxiety & belly aches. I was cautious when I first came but after a couple adjustments with Dr. Jenny, my belly aches became less frequent... which has helped with my anxiety as well. My hyperactivity has also improved! I always ask when my next appointment is because of how great I feel when I'm done. We have all been so healthy since coming to FFCWC!"

- Cash

"My mom & dad brought me to see Dr. Jenny when I was 4 months old I was getting up numerous times at night, rarely pooping, & I had a very painful latch when nursing. After my first adjustment I have had a perfect, pain free latch! I also poop more regularly & wake up less at night! I am an extremely healthy baby as well!"

- Beau

"My mom brought me in at just a couple of weeks old because of bowel troubles and colic. After just a few adjustments, there was a major change. I was able to tolerate my formula much better and started sleeping at night instead of crying for 9 hours a night. We are forever grateful for Dr. Jack and his care."

- Camden's Mom

"I was on BP meds for high blood pressure during pregnancy & I started going to the chiro. Now, my BP has been perfect and I’m completely off BP meds! I am 27 weeks pregnant and I will continue to do chiropractic care to ensure I stay off BP meds."

- Stephanie

"I’ve been Dr. Jack’s patient since March 2008. He has helped me with my overall health in so many ways. Besides the awesome adjustments, he has taught me many things about health. The Eat Well, Move Well, & Think Well workshops helped me lose 75 pounds! Those are just a few ways Dr. Jack has helped me! Thanks Jack!"

- Michelle

"I first brought Micah in at 7.5 weeks old because he was unable to latch and no one could tell us why. Turns out he had an issue with his jaw with a lot of swelling and pain. He was such an unhappy baby. With the great care of Dr. Jack, Micah is a brand new baby and growing so fast. Makes for a better night's sleep for us all. Now it is mommy’s turn to get straightened out, and I’m seeing improvement already in under a month!"

- Amber & Micah

"Since I’ve started seeing Dr. Jack, I no longer have digestive issues, no lower back pain, I don’t have to take allergy meds anymore, and best of all after over 2 years of trying, my husband and I are finally expecting a baby in November! Thanks for all you do!"

- Heather

"Ellie and I were very impressed with our first visit. The Dr. kept Ellie and me engaged in what they were doing and explained everything very well. We look forward to working on a treatment plan in helping Ellie have the best healthcare outcome possible!"

- Ellie F.

"Get in to see Dr. Jack! Both my girls, ages 4 & 5, would get a lot of ear infections in the winter. My oldest was on antibiotics almost 6 months straight last year. Since coming to Dr. Jack, the ear infections are gone and they are rarely sick."

- Michelle

"The staff is amazing and went out of their way to make sure my 2-year-old son was comfortable during his appointment."

- Ethan F.

"Samantha, 4, had reoccurring pneumonia and bronchitis. Sam has only had 4 adjustments with Dr. Jack and she has not been to the doctor’s office or emergency room since we started. I haven’t had to give her any albuterol or nebulizer treatments.

Give Chiropractic adjustments a chance and don’t give up! It may be a little more running to start with, but it’s well worth not having to run to the ER or doctor’s office every 2 weeks. Sam is feeling and doing so well without prescribed drugs."

- Samantha's Mom

"I came to Dr. Jack when I was 8. I was starting to get migraine headaches frequently. I was also having constipation issues. After coming to Dr. Jack, my headaches are almost gone and I am going to the bathroom regularly. No more Miralax! Thank you FFCWC!"

- Brenna's Mom

"14 years of back pain! I tried lots of chiropractors, cortisone shots, surgery. I was anticipating having a spinal fusion this fall. I came to see Dr. Jack a month ago. Things are much better! I saw a surgeon in Madison this week. No need for a fusion. Doctors said the chiro help is working!"

- Melissa

"So impressed with how thorough the testing was that I received and felt like I was really listened to."

- Melissa R.

"I was dealing with horrible constipation that caused severe pain nearly every day of my life for over SEVEN MONTHS. Potty training was out of the question because I was in too much pain and had to take medicine to help me go. After a month of chiropractic care, I am completely trained and I don’t have to take ANY medicine."

- Isabella's Mom

"I went into the office not feeling well at all. I had a bad headache which was causing me to be nauseous. My appearance wasn’t my best, to say the least, and yet I was still greeted and treated with friendliness and respect. And I walked away from the office feeling better than when I had entered. My heartfelt appreciation and thanks to everyone at Family First for being so awesome!"

- Lori W.

"Before I came to FFCWC, I usually had stomach aches often. But now - it’s way rarer to happen. I also used to have that “I’m super shy thing”, but the people here are so nice and polite, I feel like they’ve helped with that as well. Thank you so much FFCWC!"

- McKenna

"My baby had terrible reflux since birth. Dr. Jack adjusted her and I saw immediate results! I was able to take her off reflux meds. An added bonus: she now POOPS! She had been pooping every 6-8 days and was visibly uncomfortable. Now she goes daily. Her sleep also improved drastically. We love FFCWC! Will never go anyplace else!"

- Kelsea

"Our first visit was very welcoming. Excited to see new tools used at this chiropractic office. Looking forward to future appointments."

- Tara L.

"The evaluation was very thorough and professional. Dr. Jack, Dr. Jenny and Casey all made my son and I feel very comfortable. I’m excited to start care and to see my son start sleeping better!!"

- Melissa A.


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