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The Belief Triangle

Immediately after reading that title, you may be wondering – what is the belief triangle? The belief triangle explains how we get to our results, or our reality. It relates our beliefs to our actions, all starting at the first point, our beliefs.

Beliefs and Actions

Whatever you believe is the cause and reasoning behind all of your decisions. If you were to take away one’s beliefs when they are faced with a decision, you would get indecisiveness mixed with inconsistency.

After the beliefs come the actions. This part of the triangle leads us right into our reality. Our actions and decisions, influenced by our beliefs, point us straight into our reality. Every choice we make gives us where we are in life right now. How does this relate to your health? Well, your health decisions are made by your beliefs about what is best for your health, which can be a major issue if someone is misinformed about what is best for them.

The Right Moves

In a world like today’s, with all new medicines constantly being released, it is easy to rely on medicine when we feel bad. The problem here? We are not solving the underlying issue of why we feel poorly to begin with, leading to major issues within our immune systems.

When we take medicine to get rid of symptoms instead of fixing our health, we are suppressing our immune system. Doing nothing more than paying attention to symptoms can destroy our immune system by preventing it from becoming any stronger. It is like wanting to be a good runner and dedicated no time to going for runs.

Let Us Help

Here at Family First Chiropractic Wellness Center, we believe that we can help increase your overall health. When your body is completely healthy and adjusted, it can rid you of those symptoms naturally, without the need for man-made medication. It is just a matter of keeping up with your health and adjustments in order to maintain your health.

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