Sensory Processing Disorder in Dubuque

Sensory Processing Disorder in Dubuque

Sensory Processing Disorder in Dubuque is common in children all over the United States. Not only does this diagnosis equal daily struggle, but it also requires intense treatment. So, what is it? Described by the name itself, Sensory Processing Disorder involves a child’s inability to receive and react to what is going on in their environment. As the brain must first perceive surroundings to begin to make sense of what is happening, this complication interferes with bodily coordination that is necessary for a young child to live a happy and comfortable life.

Although this condition can be dealt with, it is difficult to reverse after it has set in. Family First Chiropractic Wellness Center is dedicated to helping parents understand the potential causes that can be taken care of if recognized ahead of time.

What Causes Sensory Processing Disorder in Dubuque

We are finding that the trauma a child experiences at birth, or even earlier, is affecting them in their later years. This is why we recommend that expectant mothers seek chiropractic care throughout their pregnancies. The multitude of stressors that come with pregnancy can be detrimental to both the health of the mother as well as the health of the baby if left unaddressed.

Similarly, as the seemingly minute tweaks to infant necks and backs can amount to much more, it is essential to get your infant checked on a regular basis. Subluxations, or miscommunications within the central nervous system, affect everyone.

Changing The Conversation

How do we make a permanent change? We start with the conversations we are having. Too many conversations are about what is currently wrong with the body versus what preventative measures can be taken to prevent problems in the body from occurring. Do not wait until you are in pain to take action. Start working towards health before you show symptoms. Ultimately, by looking ahead and making preemptive changes, we can better the health of ourselves and our children.

If you have a concern for yourself or a loved one who is struggling with Sensory Processing Disorder, contact our practice. We are open to discussion as well as taking it a step further and getting you in for care.

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