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No More Negative Self-Talk

When you hear the word stress, what do you think of? Finances? Family? Relationships? Kids? No matter what comes to mind – believe it or not, a visit to the chiropractor can make you feel better and put your mind at ease.

How can we help?

Your amygdala is what controls your emotions, and it can be released of stress through the nervous system, allowing you to live a stress free and happy life. This is chiropractic care doing what it does best.

You may have thought after thought, but you can really only concentrate on one topic at a time. Try it – think about two things at once. Hard, right? One thought always comes first, and the second thought naturally follows. Rather than give divided attention to several thoughts, try choosing one to sort through at a time.

More Tips and Tricks

Another way to relieve stress is to consider all the things for which you are grateful. When you wake up, we challenge you to try and think of something positive that you appreciate in your life. Do the same when you are attempting to fall asleep. Trust us – practicing gratitude can alleviate stress, even if only through your thoughts.

As silly as practicing gratitude seems where stress is concerned, it really does work. Just think about Thanksgiving, for example. Everyone seems to be a little more loving and relaxed. That is because at Thanksgiving, gratitude comes naturally.

Come See Us

Having stress in your life can not only worsen your mental and emotional health, but it can also affect your physical health. Putting an immense amount of unnecessary tension on the body, it is important to try and relieve that stress as efficiently as possible.

There are lots of little ways for you to be forget about the stress in your life and help you become more relaxed. Our favorite? Regular visits to the chiropractor! One visit to our practice, and we can help reduce your physical, chemical, and emotional stress. You are worth it!

Contact our practice to learn how to become a patient! Your health is important to us!

In this video, Dr. Jack D Hinderman and Dr. Jenny talk about emotional stressors and how to minimize the effects in our day to day lives. In today’s fast paced culture it is easy to live a life of high stress and current research shows stress to be detrimental to your health than smoking. Watch the video to learn more.

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