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Newborn Chiropractic Care & Family Success Stories

Be Patient in the Waiting

Summer is here! Say goodbye to constant sitting and hello to enjoying the incredible weather outdoors.

Now is one of the most active times of year, especially for kids, and our practice is dedicated to helping your child in any way we can. After sitting in a desk all day, it can feel amazing to be adjusted!

Getting your nerve system looked at can be beneficial for common colds, constipation, acid reflux, ear infections, and so much more. In younger kids, it can be very useful for the physical and mental health of a child. Chiropractic help has been shown to help kids who have issues in social situations.

Our Successes

Recently, we saw a little boy in first grade who had major issues at school. He would run out of the class and completely shut down. At family events, he would sit in the car and not have any desire to play with other kids. After beginning his care with us, his grandmother wrote us a letter thanking us for the change in his behavior. He began interacting family gathers and finally started playing with other children!

Similarly, another little girl came to us in need of assistance. Her parents never knew what she was thinking about, and one day she came in and politely asked her mother not to come in with her to see the chiropractor. A step towards independence!

Both of these stories are prime examples of how sometimes it can take time, chiropractic care can take time, but no matter how long it takes – it does help! We aim to help several more children like the two above throughout these warm summer months.

Patience Is Key

One of the biggest misunderstandings about the art of chiropractic is that it takes time. It does not always happen overnight. Remember to have to have patience with your care. Results are sure to follow!

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