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Newborn Chiropractic Care & Family Success Stories

In this video Dubuque Chiropractors Dr. Jack D Hinderman and Dr. Jenny Leist talk about how the act of sharing a story can change someones life. At Family First Chiropractic Wellness Center we have been blessed in the month of June to take care of several newborn babies who had been referred to our office by other mothers, friends and lactation consultants. It is not uncommon to see babies improve latching, feeding, digestion, sleeping, and colic when the nervous system is calmed down. Catching nerve tension and stress patterns early is the key to good health outcomes.

We also share a success story written by the grandmother of one of the kiddos we take care of.

Lastly we talk about what happens when an occupational therapist has a conversation with the mother of a little girl diagnosed with autism following almost 2 years of chiropractic care.

To learn more contact:

Family First Chiropractic Wellness Center
Dr. Jack Hinderman
Dr. Jenny Leist
998 Fremont Ave S. L1
Dubuque, IA 52003
(563) 556-6921

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