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Men, Have You Back-Burnered Your Health Needs?

As Father’s Day has come and gone, along with all of the celebrations of great men I hear about in the office and see on social media, it made me think about something. How many of these men are taking care of themselves? I know many of them put the needs of others before their own, just like mommas do.

The other day I came across a post written by the amazing Brandi MacDonald on statistics of men’s health. What she found was that a vast percentage of them believe they’re healthy until they go to the doctor randomly and get prescribed something or have that heart attack or as my dad was, diagnosed with cancer at age 39.

Looking back on it, before my dad’s diagnosis, he had some pretty unhealthy, stressful habits (physical, chemical, & emotional stresses) and subluxations that I’m sure led to his body adapting in the way it did. Because he is no longer physically here, I celebrate all of the rock star dads I know.

To all the dads, I’m sure I speak for your families and friends when I say we all love you and want you to be around for a long time, not just living life, but enjoying it and squeezing every ounce of greatness out of it.

Choose to Live a Vibrant, Healthy Life

Father and his sons flying a kite at the beach. Please, help yourself, your dads (or any of your loved ones) practice self-care. Get them out walking or biking, have them try vegetables besides potatoes and corn, connect with them, leave the phones off, re-introduce them to the beverage called water, compliment them, take them to a comedy show (who doesn’t love to laugh?), do an activity they enjoy, help them quit smoking (everybody knows it’s not healthy), bring them to a bookstore to pick out a book, get them checked and if needed, adjusted.

Who knows, maybe their insomnia, high blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. is because on the inside they’re constantly running away from a tiger, stuck in fight-or-flight mode.

It is absolutely beautiful to watch people transform as they work to rebuild their health. As Brandi MacDonald had said, “But until men think differently, they won’t behave differently. Because the man who knows he has something to offer the world, is fulfilled and wholly becomes a different father, chiropractor, husband, business owner or whatever he thinks he is. And he chooses behaviours that honour who he is, not numbing behaviour to escape their minds and lives. We need to change the conversation. Our men deserve it.” They do!

Happy Father’s Week in heaven to all the dads and grandpas up there and the many incredible ones still with us on Earth!

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