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Let's Talk About Immunity

Better Spinal Health Equals Increased Immunity

Back to school we go! This time of the year adds great stress to all different students of all ages, including young children. Whether it is passing the spelling test or passing the geometry final, all sorts of stress can weaken the body and make it more prone to illness. What can you do, you might ask – seek out chiropractic care!

How does this relate to our practice?

Have you ever struggled to fall asleep simply because you had a cold? Was your nose so stuffed up that you found it extremely hard to get an ounce of air through your nose? A trip to the chiropractor and an adjustment could have been your answer!

One of our chiropractor’s sons has experienced this. Complaining that his nose no longer worked while at a sleepover, Dr. Jack D. Hinderman quickly noticed that his son need an adjustment because his neck was tweaked to the right. After a quick adjustment his son was able to fall right back to sleep with no issue! Just like that, chiropractic care was the simple solution.

How We Can Help You

With the kids getting back into the swing of things with school, it can cause much more sickness. In school settings, there are hundreds of kids in an enclosed area spreading germs with every touch! Along with being able to socialize at school comes stress, when the body is stressed it is much more likely to get ill.

Regular adjustments to make sure your nerve system is intact can decrease your chance of getting sick, as well. No one enjoys being sick, so it is important to make sure that you are washing your hands and keeping up with your adjustments! With your spine aligned, you are not only benefiting your physical performance, but you are adding to the overall strength of your immune system!

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