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Keep Doing The Things That Make You Well

In this video, Dr. Jack & Dr. Jenny chat about wins and the things that make you healthy, are the things that keep you healthy.

One of the wins they talk about is a little baby girl that wasn’t sleeping at night and wouldn’t nap. She’d scream for hours when they’d try to get her to sleep. Nothing would calm her. After a handful of visits, she’s laying down on her own to fall asleep and sleeping through the night! Her daycare providers said she’s napping too! Her face looks more rested now without the dark circles she had under her eyes.

Another win that’s mentioned is a young nurse who was always exhausted, no matter how much she slept and taking acid reflux medications daily for years. A few weeks into care, this gal said she’s had the longest stretch she can remember without having to take those reflux meds and is sleeping much better. The only thing that was changed in these two people was that they started getting their nerve systems checked and adjusted.

Once things get “going good,” we tend to stop doing those activities that got us there. We see this all the time with people who get into regular workout routines or have a great diet and then, specifically this time of year, we tend to cheat on those activities. Therefore, we end up not being as well!


Dr. Jack mentions that he’s noticed throughout the years, maybe due to people’s belief structures, that many people have this belief system that chiropractic is for the relief of some sort of symptom. The reality is that we chiropractors are dealing with specifically the way the brain is able to communicate to the body through the nerve system. Health happens through your nerve system! That’s how you experience your environment, interpret your environment & adapt in your environment. Here’s the tip: Do the things that make you healthy to stay healthy! Get checked & adjusted. Eat well. Move well. Think well. It’s that easy!

If you’re currently struggling even though you’re exercising regularly, thinking & eating well, then maybe it’s time to get your nerve system checked. That’s what we do! If you’re not currently in our area, shoot us a message and we’ll find someone near you who’s looking at the core functions within the nerve system.

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