How We Address Your Child’s Sensory Issues in Dubuque

How We Address Your Child's Sensory Issues in Dubuque

Any parent knows the feeling: your child isn’t sleeping, has meltdowns, isn’t focusing and seems to cry more than other kids their age. You want to do anything possible to help them, but you don’t understand what’s causing their problems. Their medical doctor may have even diagnosed them with a sensory processing disorder, ADD/ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) or being on the autism spectrum.

A Family in Turmoil in Dubuque

We talk to parents every day who tell us that they’ve tried everything, but their baby or child still doesn’t seem to be improving. Well, we’ve got great news for you - we may be able to offer you a solution that you haven’t thought of before.

Dr. Jack Hinderman recently saw a pediatric patient who was just 5 years old. There were no headaches or neck pain involved. Instead, the girl’s mom reported that there were some sensory issues. Her young daughter couldn’t wear any pants other than one specific pair of jogging pants and had trouble going to bed at night.

When the girl came in, we scanned her with our CLA Insight™ Subluxation Station. Her scans showed that the energy distribution along her spine was running at a higher rate than we would typically like to see. Further, she had a history of an early, traumatic birth that resulted in a NICU stay.

The Turning Point

Dr. Jack adjusted the girl for about two weeks. Then, he received a picture the mom sent of her daughter wearing jeans for the first time in her life. No more daily loads of laundry to make sure that her special pants were clean. No more trouble going to bed at night. We took another set of scans to check her progress. Sure enough, the energy distribution was much improved. As the girl’s nervous system calmed through chiropractic, the way her senses perceived the environment changed.

Learn More About How We Can Help Your Child

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