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Ending Summer with a Splash

Back to school we go!

Getting back into school can be hard and exciting at the same time! Let us help deter future physical ailments due to the weight of your child’s backpack! If you have kids heading back to school and nothing to do this coming Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. – join us at our backpack workshop, Pack for Your Back. There, we plan to educate parents and their children on the possible harms of heavy, poorly-loaded backpacks by giving them tips on how to keep backpacks safe!

Prevent Pain and Discomfort

In 2001, there were over 7,000 hospital visits involving backpack-related injuries. How can you prevent a trip to the hospital with your child? Look out for signs in your child, such as not adapting efficiently, obvious digestive issues, lack of energy, and inability to focus.

Believe it or not, if your child is experiencing any of those symptoms, the damage may have been done by their backpack. Come to our workshop to learn the possible risks that come with sad backpacks as well as how to fix them. Just bring one thing – the backpack!

Stay Informed

As adults and parents, it is important that we stay educated on all the possible harms our child may face. Anytime we observe a sign that our body is not working properly, we need to see a chiropractor immediately to maintain optimal health. We hope to see you at our Pack for Your Back workshop to increase your knowledge on risks you never knew existed.

Join Us for Some Fun!

Family First Chiropractic Wellness Center has an upcoming event meant to celebrate all of you! We wanted to take this end-of-summer opportunity to have a patient appreciation gathering. Surprise! Dr. Jenny Leist took the time to create invitations for you all – be sure to grab one at your next visit!

Call or email us any time with questions or concerns. We are always happy to hear from you!

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