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Achey Joints, Sugar & Chiropractic

In this video, Dr. Jenny and Dr. Jack breakdown a conversation they had with a practice member following her vacation. The practice member is a personal trainer by trade and health and life-style advocate. She leads an extremely healthy lifestyle eating well, moving well, and thinking well in her busy life.

In our conversation with her she revealed to us that she was experiencing generalized achiness in the joints of her arms and legs. She was able to identify on her own that more than likely this was due to the intake of sugar on her vacation. She doesn’t generally eat a lot of sugar, barely any in fact, and it’s not like she went overboard with it on vacation. She said she just enjoyed a single dessert and a few glasses of wine.

Immediately our conversation turned to wondering how people that eat sugar all the time deal with these feelings of achiness.

I am pretty sure that I know how most people deal with it, and that is with over the counter pain relievers. I have noticed while out in public with friends or at our kids’ baseball games that there is a lot of ibuprofen, Tylenol, and aspirin being consumed by people on a regular basis. In fact many of you reading this blog may have a bottle in your purse. But it makes me wonder whether or not the people that use these common drugs on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis have ever really asked the question, “I wonder why I am hurting in the first place?”

That question “WHY” is commonly overlooked in the pursuit of feeling better, but at what cost? We all understand that in the United States of America today health care costs are on the rise, drug reactions are on the rise, and the amount of unhealthy people in society is on the rise. I think the main reason for this is that we are not trained or educated to ask “WHY”. We are, however, well educated in different ways to treat symptoms. This education and training stems from well-placed advertising/marketing and a complete Healthcare System focused on doing just that, changing and reducing symptoms. The main problem with this focus is that better health is not the objective, treating symptoms is the objective.

At Family First Chiropractic Wellness Center, we focus on finding the cause of your concerns and laying out a game plan to build health. What we have found is that healthy people recover much quicker and experience fewer challenges. To learn more call our office at (563) 556-6921.

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