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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care Dubuque

Dr. Jenny adjusting pregnant momWhen you’re going through pregnancy, incredible developments are happening day by day. Your ligaments start to relax as your body prepares to give birth to your beloved baby. Your posture shifts as your center of gravity moves with your growing belly. Aches and pains might seem inevitable, but at Family First Chiropractic Wellness Center, we can help you stay comfortable and healthy through each trimester.

The Benefits of Chiropractic During Pregnancy

Chiropractic can allow for a release of tension in the body so that you can relax. The adjustments we give to expecting moms are safe, gentle and specific. With chiropractic care, you can experience a more comfortable pregnancy, quicker labor times and an easier delivery. When your uterine ligaments and muscles are relaxed and in the proper position, your baby can turn around at the right time.

Our natural form of health care can even reduce your stress response, which can help with the cascade of hormones during pregnancy, labor and delivery.

The Best Health for You and Baby

We may recommend more frequent visits when you begin care to build your health to a more optimal level. As you progress through the first trimester and into the second, you may not see us as frequently unless we are working on a particular issue. As your delivery date nears, if need be, we can see you more often to better prepare your body for birth.

Continuing to Improve Your Well-Being

After your successful birth, it’s vital to continue care so that you can stay well and keep experiencing the highest levels of wellness.

One of Dr. Jack’s patients was a mom with two kids who couldn’t take a deep breath. She was often in the emergency room and had been to Iowa City hospitals, Dubuque hospitals and other clinics to find out what was wrong. Her lungs were fine, and no test showed any abnormalities. Frustrated, she tried chiropractic care. For the first time since her daughter was born 2 years earlier, she was able to take a deep breath!

Find out more about getting the most out of all three trimesters with our gentle and effective pregnancy care.

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