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Meet Our Team

Meet our Doctors:

Dr. Jack D. Hinderman D.C. - Dr. Jack loves caring for children in his large family focused practice in Dubuque.  His passion for kids and chiropractic was brought to life during a humanitarian mission trip to Fiji in 2005.  While in Fiji he cared for hundreds of children and families in a culture without a health care system.  The impact chiropractic care had on the Fijian children was so noticeable that the grandmasters from the schools came togather and wrote a letter of gratitude for all of the docs that served thier communities.  Now, Dr. Jack loves to teach others about, and is always humbled by, the amazing healing potential that lies within us all that can only be expressed fully through clear and consistent communication over the system we live our lives through, our nervous system.  

Dr. Jack has hundreds of hours of continuing education and training in the areas of autism, ADHD, sensory challenges, seizures, neuro-immunology, and other pediatric topics.  He now works with the National Wellness Foundation to present the Perfect Storm lecture and seminar to parents, chiropractors, and related professionals. In addition to his clinical practice work, Dr. Jack helps teach and train other chiropractors and chiropractic students through a post-doctorate training program.

Dr. Jack and his wife Sarah have four boys Blake, Ian,Nolan, and Hawkin.  The last three children were born at home, and all four are healthy, happy, and crazy (in a fun way).

Dr. Jenny Leist D.C. - Dr. Leist grew up in Kewaunee, Wisconsin where she was introduced to chiropractic fairly early in life and after asking her doctors lots of questions and understanding the “health from within” approach, decided that she wanted to be a chiropractor. In 2006, she graduated from high school, and met her husband Kyle that summer. Then she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology in 2010 and enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic the following fall.

While at Palmer, Dr. Jenny was a chiropractic patient in the student clinic and was adjusted by several students. She noticed one student doctor was much more specific and skilled in her adjustments than all the other’s had been. The student was a Troxell Intern and Dr. Jenny decided that she had to be one too if she was going to be one of the best. Dr. J. Larry Troxell started the intern program because students were always shadowing and working with him trying to gain more skill, certainty, and experience. Dr. Jenny dedicated thousands of hours in addition to the already challenging Palmer curriculum to becoming an intern. As an intern, she trained and taught with the best chiropractors in the country.

During the summer of 2013, she participated in the Palmer Clinic Abroad Program's trip to Vietnam, where she and a few of her classmates provided chiropractic care to the Vietnamese people. At that time, there was only one practicing chiropractor in the entire country, so people lined up at the hospitals in towns that she and the group traveled to be taken care of. It made her feel very blessed and thankful for all she has and the opportunities she’s had in her life. Some of the patients she had, remembered when the last group of students came about a year earlier. She couldn’t imagine waiting a year for an adjustment! A lot of the people she and her classmates saw had injuries from the work they do and postures they’re in throughout the day and quite a few had high blood pressures. Dr. Jenny remembers taking before and after adjustment blood pressures and seeing them go down by as much as 80 mmHg. It showed her the power and affect that getting an adjustment and having the nervous system work better had on their lives.

In November, Dr. Jenny finished her board exams and all adjusting requirements so she was able to intern with Dr. Jack and the FFCWC ladies. She graduated from Palmer with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in February 2014 and worked at a chiropractic clinic in Hampton, IL until she returned to the FFCWC family in October 2014. Dr. Jenny is looking forward to using her skills and experience to serve the Dubuque community and help you reach your health goals!

Sarah Hinderman (Director of Positive Attitudes) is a Graduate of Western Illinois University, receiving her Bachelors Degree of Recreation Park Tourism Administration and a Minor in Management in 2006. She worked at the Rock Island Arsenal for 6 years, organizing and running events for school-aged children. After her marriage to Dr. Jack Hinderman, Sarah moved to Cedar Rapids, IA to work at Polk Elementary as a Volunteer Coordinator, organizing volunteers and running events for the school. In October 2007 she moved to Dubuque to join her husband in establishing Family First Chiropractic Wellness Center and welcomed their sons Blake, Ian and Nolan. Sarah looks forward to meeting you in the office and sharing the power of chiropractic with you and your family.

Meet our Chiropractic Assistant:

Casey Brummel grew up in Oskaloosa, IA and moved to Portland, OR for college where she attended The Art Institute of Portland and Cosmetology school. While in Portland she stayed active by hiking and surfing in the area. She met her now fiancé there and moved to his home town of Dubuque, IA in 2012. In her spare time she enjoys camping, snowboarding, yoga and going out on the river. She maintains a healthy lifestyle through staying active and chiropractic care. Since being adjusted by Dr. Jack she has been experiencing less pain from head and back aches, better concentration, higher energy and is more in tune with her body. Experiencing a better overall wellbeing helps her to continue being active and enjoy both life and her family to the absolute fullest. Casey is passionate about helping her community experience a better life through lifetime chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle choices. She looks forward to seeing you in the office soon.